USB Keys

With the ability to store up to 128GB of your most precious digital possessions, the USB Key makes data very portable.

Our USB Keys go beyond merely providing a place to stash files by shoehorning 2GB to 128GB worth of data. This stylish, attractive, and very mobile device is smaller and lighter than the competition and moves data quickly and securely with password protection.


  • Available Capacities: Capacity available from 2GB to 128GB
  • Silk-Screen Printing to match any text or logo in any color
  • Supported Operating System: Windows/Linux/Mac OS
  • Hardware: PC, Mac and Linux compatible with USB interface
  • Reading/writing speed: Fast data transfer rate
  • USB Host Interface: USB 2.0 & 3.0 high speed
  • Data Retention: Over 10 years
  • Various colors available
  • Complaints: CE and ROHS compliant
  • Data Protection: Password protection available

We also can design and manfacture custom-designed USB Keys to match and logo imaginable!
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